Many people criticize Bitcoin for its electricity consumption, which is often compared to that of entire countries. It is true that the blockchain technology based on proof of work, which is used by Bitcoin consumes a lot of energy. But there is a preliminary step, which few people talk about, and which Bitcoin’s critics tend to avoid or simplify.
This preliminary step is to ask the question: if Bitcoin were to be adopted on a large scale, what place would it take, and what services would become obsolete as a result of this adoption?

Let’s go back to sources. In…

Beaucoup de personnes critiquent le bitcoin pour sa consommation électrique, qui est souvent comparée à celle de pays entiers. Il est vrai que la technologie blockchain basée sur la preuve de travail, et qui est utilisée par le Bitcoin dépense beaucoup d’énergie. Mais il y a une étape préalable, dont peu de personnes parlent, et que les pourfendeurs du bitcoin ont tendance à éviter ou simplifier. …

In the years 2000, this social network valued at over half a billion dollars

In 2005, a famous social network, with more than 25 million users, was bought out for more than 580 million dollars. The platform was famous, and the number of users was growing continuously. You think it’s Facebook? Well, it’s not. Several social networks existed before Facebook, including one with a bright future. It had started with a niche user base by targeting its customers, and then word of mouth did its job, so its reputation was growing. …

Jef from Distributed Innovation

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